VFS-13 Color Schemes


The VF-1As of VFS-13 do not use the white and brown color scheme of standard VF-1As assigned to the SDF-1. With one exception, all VTs of the Black Cats use a gold and black color scheme.

VF-1A Squadron Color:

Colorsmecha vf1a

All team leads in VFS-13 are assigned VF-1Js, regardless of “Ace” status or not.

VF-1J Team Lead Color:

Colorsmecha vf1j1

Unlike other squadrons, Commander Xavier does not permit personalization of VF-1Js who make Ace, all “Aces” with less than 25 aerial victories are required to use a standard VFS-13 “Ace” color scheme. Personalization of VF-1Js do not get to happen until the pilot makes “Ace of Aces,” or 25 combat victories.

VF-1J Ace Standard Color:

Colorsmecha vf1j2

VFS-13 has two VT-1Ds assigned to it that have been converted into upgraded reconnaissance versions, and have their own paint scheme.

A VF-1J in the VT-1D/R color scheme:

Vt1dr 2

The Squadron Commander’s VF-1S is the only VT in VFS-13 with no gold in its paint scheme. When Lieutenant Commander Xavier was promoted to Commander and given commander of VFS-13, and began the “rebranding” to the Black Cats, the gold paint immediately on hand was used up on the 11 other VTs in the Squadron. Xavier flew the first mission in command of VFS-13 with a black and white scheme that was based on his VF-1J’s colors. That was the first 100% successful and 0% casualty mission of the newly rebranded squadron. When the gold paint was once again available, the pilots of VFS-13 undertook great pains to ensure their new CO’s plane wasn’t painted again, believing their CO and his VT to be their new good luck charm.

Black Cat One:

Colorsmecha vf1s1

CO Back-up VF-1J


VFS-13 Color Schemes

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